Saturday, April 2, 2011

All the Cool Kids Lay in Bacon Grease While Watching General Conference

Today was the beginning of General Conference. A weekend where we as Latter-Day Saints gather together to listen to the counsel of our prophet and other various leaders. The sessions today were so great. I think it was the first time that I have ever watched them without falling asleep. I am usually so tired, that try as I might I always seem to awaken during the closing hymn needing to wipe the drool off my face. I thought for sure that that was how today was going to go as I was up late last night writing that nonsensical post.

My alarm started going off at 8:30. I always set my alarm a little bit earlier than I need in the hopes that I will actually get up and maybe shower before conference starts so I am not just sitting in my dirtiness all day long. But of course when my alarm goes off I immediately start touching my hair and face and convince myself that I am not that greasy and can keep sleeping. So my alarm kept going off and I kept hitting that snooze button as if it had stolen my lunch money. Five minutes before the the start of Conference my dad comes into my room and says "Hey you gonna watch Conference?" In my head I begin thinking to myself, "I could keep sleeping, after all the Sunday sessions are the important ones, right?" But out loud I just grumble, "I guess so. Where are we watching it?"

He responds, "Your mom and I are just gonna watch it in bed on a laptop." This sparks my memory. I have a laptop literally a foot from my bed on my ottoman. All I would have to do it roll over to watch conference. Of course that was a lot easier said than done. I laid in bed telling myself, "Okay roll over on three. One. Two. Three.... That was a good build up, lets actually roll over this next time." After a little while I finally accomplished my task and had successfully started watching Conference. I thought this was a genius idea. Just watch Conference while laying down in bed. I thought for sure I would fall asleep but figured that was okay because I would be listening while I slept.

At this time my mom came in and asked if I would like some oatmeal and receiving a positive response she returned with a bowl of oatmeal and a few strips of turkey bacon. Usually I hate bacon but have discovered recently that I actually enjoy turkey bacon... weird I know. So here I am bundled up in my bed eating oatmeal and watching Conference like a total queen! I finish my food and move my bowl and paper towel that had been holding my turkey bacon and discover this!
The bacon grease had soaked through and stained my awesome sheets that I am kinda obsessed with because they are so soft and amazing. Not only were my favorite sheets stained but my bed smelled like bacon, which for some people, like my friend Jessie who ate 45 strips of bacon in one sitting as a personal challenge, would love, but I kinda wanted to vomit. However vomiting required me getting out of bed so that didn't happen and I just continued watching Conference in the stench of bacon but I was not happy about it. In fact, I normally would have been like this:

If you can't tell as my artist skills are kinda non-existent, those blobs are flames! Just had to clarify because I wasn't even sure what they were and I am the one who drew them! But as I was saying, I would normally have been like that but as we were watching Conference I felt that I needed to reign it in a bit and was actually a little more like this:

Okay I think this drawing REALLY needs labels. That is a golden halo on my head and have pretty white wings that allow to fly through those soft fluffy clouds... but I am still a little upset as is evidenced by that lovely face! Anyway that was the gist of my story. Conference today. I was super tired. Still managed to watch it and stay awake the whole time! Stained my sheets with bacon grease. Laid in bacon stench for a few hours but was semi-okay with it. I know you guys are thinking "What an amazing story!" and I don't blame you! Anyhoosier I was so proud of myself that I stayed awake for both sessions! Yay! But someone did not!

Of course as soon as the closing prayer was said and done he magically woke up and began stretching. I guess I am just more righteous than him... and humble apparently!

You Would Have to be Crazy or Just REALLY Bored to Read this Whole Thing

So I have been stalking peoples blogs like a crazy person. Not even people that I know because that would be totally normal and not creepy. Stalking all these blogs reminded me that I have a blog that is feeling lost and neglected out there in the world wide web. This realization hit me and I had the sudden urge to post immediately, even though it was 1 in the morning and I really should go to bed in an attempt to get up at a decent time, so that when people call me at 2 in the afternoon I don't sound like cracked out hobo... at least not any more than usual.

I sat there for about 10 minutes thinking about what I could possibly write that would be even remotely interesting and came up with nothing. So I gave it another hour and still came up with nothing. Now here I am at 2 in the morning giving up on my attempt to be a functioning member of society tomorrow in order to write a blog post on absolutely nothing. Yeah, that's right you just wasted all that time reading this and there is no point to it. Sorry. But not really because I am not done yet. You could be done, I guess. If you don't love me enough to listen to me ramble on. Yes, I pulled the, "If you loved me you would do this" card. Moving on to the next pointless topic.
My family is on a diet. We have finally become so disgusted with our obese-ness that we are making our feeble attempts to regain control. It is going alright, some days I do really well and others... well lets just say I wouldn't be opposed to shanking someone with toothbrush for a piece of cake. It always seems the worst at night. Its as if I am two separate people. Daytime Katie usually has control from noon-8pm. Nighttime Katie has control from 8pm-4am. Daytime Katie is so good. I will eat all the right food and tell myself this is so good for you. You are an excellent person. You are so good at taking care of your self, so responsible, and did I mention pretty? I go on like this all day in my head until that lowlife nighttime Katie takes her shift.
It is almost as if someone flips a switch. One minute I will be off in my own la la land about how great I am, an dhow great this diet is and then *BAM* I am huddled in the fetal position in the corner of my room basically foaming at the mouth for my need of baked goods. But as we are on a diet we do not have any baked goods nor the means to make any, so I just sit there foaming at mouth looking wild-eyed. As I sit there I go through a mental list of everything we have in our snack cupboard: giant pixie sticks, trail mix, gum, airheads, 2 year-old fruit gems, my dad's bag of Werthers hard candies. I keep going through the list in my head hoping that I just forgot that I baked a chocolate cake and put it in the snack cupboard.

At around 2am I cave and eat a couple handfuls of my dad's candy huddled in my corner of seclusion. When I awake the next day I don't remember much of what happened the night before having passed out from the sugar overload. I only have the partially sucked on piece of candy in my hair and a blanket of wrappers to remind me. Nighttime Katie, ever the irresponsible drama queen that she is left another mess for daytime Katie to take care of.

Okay so maybe I dramatized that a little bit but it is currently 2:30 in the morning and the drama queen nighttime Katie is well into her shift, so it is to be expected.
Okay this blog post is extremely long. So lets keep going, shall we?
Kristi and I are currently writing a book together. It will be comprised of slightly dramatized stories of our childhood. Not too dramatized though because lets face it, we were crazy. So far Kristi has written nothing and has not even read what I have written. So much for being a famous author! Its not as if she is in her final semester of college dealing with finals and moving back home... oh wait, she is. Never mind then... she will get around to writing in about a week after she graduates! But back to me, I have written a couple chapters. I just need Bozo(Kristi) to hurry up and read them so she can add stuff to them. When we get one of them the way we like it I will post it on here as a sneak preview for all of the 2 people that read my blog... and probably all 0 of you that made it this far into the current post. I don't blame you for not making it this far. It would take a real survivor to have gotten through all that nonsense. Anyways that is all I can think of to write at the moment. I am sure that daytime Katie will look back at this in the tomorrow and curse nighttime Katie for making her look like an idiot... again. Oh well, I am over it. That's her problem.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Interview Jitters

I have an interview with Cisco tomorrow! I know that I am what they are looking for and that I could do an excellent job. Hopefully this all comes across in my phone interview! I don't enjoy talking on the phone because I like to actually see the person and be able to interact with them. I have a hard time allowing my personality to shine through in a phone conversation. Something that I apparently need to work on by 1:30pm tomorrow! hahaha... Well wish me luck... we will see how this goes. If this doesn't work out, I know that there will be something just as good if not better waiting for me just around the corner!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating the Fourth on the Third, Fourth and Fifth

I love the Fourth of July. It is one of my favorite holidays. It is a time for us to ponder on how blessed we are to live in a free country and on the many men and women who have paid with their lives to ensure that it continues to be free. It is also a time for overeating and blowing stuff up... that is my kind of holiday!

This weekend I have experienced more fireworks than I have in the past 10 years... probably combined. We began our experience on Saturday night. As we live in the heart of Mormonville, the fireworks display in Idaho Falls was held on the 3rd so as not to disturb the sabbath day. A little strange for me but alrighty... it just means that I can enjoy the fireworks a day sooner!

In Idaho Falls they shoot the fireworks up over the river. As Outback steakhouse is also right by the river, we decided to eat at Outback a few hours before the show and then relax on their grass to watch the display. Many of our fellow ward members had the same idea, as did our bishop. The fireworks were very good. We could feel the explosion rattling in our bones as we laid there watching them. Literally the second the fireworks ended our bishop drove by waving goodbye. Man, he sure got out of here fast... we all thought. We looked around, seeing the thousands of people all around us, we too booked it to our car to hopefully beat some of the rush.

The Fourth itself was looking to be a pretty tame day. The plan: watch The Phantom of the Opera. What really happened: We heard about a fireworks show down in Pocatello and booked it down there. We crammed into Ryan's little car and drove down to Pocatello to meet Stacy's brother and watch the fireworks. We made a pit stop in Fort Hall(the Indian reservation) for Stacy and Ryan to pick up some mortars and other various explosives.

We then continued on down to Pocatello. The fireworks show was pretty good. Their fireworks seemed to be a little bigger than the ones in IF but they weren't constant and the show still did not last as long as the ones on IF. So... IF:1 Poci:0. We then blew up some of our own fireworks to keep the celebration going followed up by a midnight run to Dennys.

I realize that this blog post seems never ending but that is how the celebrations have felt this weekend! Today we are having a barbecue at the park... because you can't truly celebrate this great countries independence without grilling up some hot dogs. Tonight is going to be quite a bit of fun. We have quite a few of our own fireworks to set off. A few of them may be a little south of the legal border, so lets hope we don't get busted! ...but if we do... I am sure anyone reading this blog would know long before I could post it on here!

Anyways... long story short... America is awesome as is this weekend.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Relaxation... Sort Of

Summer has finally hit! It has been so warm this week. I just love it... but it does make this whole still being in school thing more difficult. Totally fine though because I graduate exactly a month from today! Woot!

My classes tomorrow are canceled because of the Newel K. Whitney summit, so I am headed down to Utah for some fun and relaxation. I am gonna lay out by the pool and soak up some rays. (Not too many though! No worries, I will be bringing some major sunscreen.) I will also get to see Craig this weekend! I haven't seen him in so long. I can't wait! It is bound to be full of fun and some good laughs!

It will be nice to get out of Rexburg for a little while and relax. Unfortunately, I can't relax too much. I have to keep studying for the CCNA. As much as I wish I would just magically know all the information, it doesn't seem to be happening. I am for sure gonna have to crack down on my studying! I guess that means I know what book I will be "enjoying" poolside.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's All Coming Together

Last week my new cluster was accepted and I went in to talk with someone in my advising office... again. Finally I heard the words I have been dying to hear, "You are all set for graduation. Congratulations!" I have been so stressed trying to jump through all of their hoops... and attempting to crawl under a few of them, it was such a relief to finally hear those words. Looks like I am all set to get out of here... and they are even gonna let me take a degree with me!

I can't wait to walk across that stage! The only worry now is to avoid tripping... but lets be honest its me... so the real worry is how to trip with grace, class and in a way that says, "I'm a college graduate, baby!"

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I miss my friends...

Being one of last ones to graduate out of your group of friends is no bueno. It is so sad to be in the same place as they move on with their lives, meet new people and have fun without you. Don't get me wrong, I still have friends up here in Rexburg, but some of my bestest friends have graduated and left me over the past couple semesters. Stevie, Brooke, and Craig... I am talking about you! How dare you guys leave me here! You should have stayed so we could all enjoy another semester in one anothers presence!

I miss late night chats with Stevie back when we shared a room. We shared our hopes, dreams, aspirations and deepest fears. We used to play shadow puppets, she would hold her rubber duckie and my hand(snake) would gobble it right up! We always got the biggest kick out of that! I loved that I could corrupt her with my amazing music taste aka. Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana! (You are SO welcome Kyle! haha..) I miss all the times that we dressed up in crazy outfits and ran around town taking awesome pictures. Our foray into dating services will forever be ingrained in my mind... thanks a lot Brooke! Although our dates were AWESOME, somehow neither of them resulted in marriage... or even a second date! hahaha... I miss you Stevie and am sad that we didn't get to spend more time together your last semester.

Brooke I just love you! You are one of my best friends! I miss all of our slumber parties and random adventures. From going to the cemetery at 3 in the morning to celebrity stalking in Hollywood, we always had a blast. I loved all of our pranks that we attempted to pull on different people with varying success... hahaha. The most epic part of my last summer was when we pulled off the most amazing surprise visit! That was one of the funnest weeks of my life. I miss our paint/mud wars. Those will be some of my favorites memories from college. I miss our "Core Four" adventures staying up until the wee hours of the morning "making memories," as Mike would say. I miss you so much Brooke and wish you were still here with me! Either you move to San Jose or I move to Phoenix... we have to make this work!

Craig you were the light in my life! I miss our arguments over tv shows and movies (and your lack of taste in both!). I will always think of you and our midnight adventures whenever I pass a Denny's. It still kills me when you send me a text or facebook message saying "Dennys?" You know that I am always down! I miss our movie nights and chilling on the 70's porn couch. I miss our awesome game nights. I even miss you dragging me to happy holiday films, "Everybody's Fine"... really Craig? That was not happy in the slightest. I miss our random road trips to Utah, Pocatello and Arizona. I could always count on you to be up for a spur of the moment trip! Basically, I miss you and need you to come visit because I am having some serious Craig deficiencies.

Miss you guys tons! We legit need to have a reunion stat!